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In the art of interior design, success is in the details. Interior designer Pamela Terry, navigates the subtleties of color, scale, fabric and finish, to make each project the success every homeowner envisions. “That’s the challenge and that’s the joy, to tailor each design to truly reflect a client’s individuality”, explains Pamela. “To just show up and do something that’s trendy, or formulaic, has never been my style nor my interest”.

A successful renovation should be comfortable as well as beautiful, and Pamela excels in creating rooms that are relaxed and inviting... where clients are surrounded with everything that makes them feel most at home.

For over 17 years, Pamela Terry has been following this philosophy of design in the Atlanta area, with delighted clients bearing testimony to her creative artistry and professionalism. A full service company specializing in high-end residential design, Pamela Terry Designs will enable you to realize the home of your dreams.

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